Best Apps to Play on Your CommuteBest Apps to Play on Your Commute

Best Apps to Play on Your Commute

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My commute is about an hour long–which means I could spend the time reading, but usually I can’t nab a seat on the subway. That means with one free hand, gaming tends to be my method of choice for passing the time. The thing about gaming in this circumstances is you need short round or a game that’s easy to pause–who knows when you might have to exit out of the screen!

So, I’ve put together a list of my favorite apps for playing on my commute that are easy to play with one hand and easy for pausing gameplay!

Fast-Paced: Dots

In Dots, you have to connect as many like-colored dots in 59 seconds as possible.

Using the given a 6×6 grid of dots (green, yellow, purple and red) and your job is to connect like-colored dots! You can connect dots horizontally or vertically but diagonals aren’t allowed. To earn the most points, you need to form dot squares (which clears the screen of any other dots that were the color of the square formed). To help you out, there are three boosters. A time booster (to add 5 seconds), a shrinker (which will remove a dot of your selection) and an expander (which removes all dots of a certain color). To buy boosters, you use dots so any dots you clear in gameplay are collected and used as currency!

Dots is simple concept and execution but completely addictive. Also, in their newly released “moves” mode, you can also try and earn the highest score in 30 moves.

Available for Android and iOS. screenshot

The Goods:

  • Addictive!
  • Simple!
  • Easy to play!
  • Great design!
The Bads:

  • It can give you a headache.
  • No support for the colorblind on iPod and iPhone (yet!).

Dots was our App of the Week for September 2nd. Check out our review here!


Distract Your Mind: Flow Free

In Flow Free, you will be presented with a grid and large colored dots. It’s up to you to connect the dots (forming a pipe) of the same color together. You can’t cross over any pipes and you must fill every blank board on the screen. As the game increases in difficulty, your board size increases too. After beating the first 30 levels of the first set of grids (which are 5×5), you’ll move onto 6×6, 7×7,8×8 and eventually, 9×9!

Available for iOS and Android. screenshot

The Goods:

  • Good increase in level difficulty.
  • Easy to play, difficult to master.
The Bads:

  • You only get 3 free hints, then it’ll cost you.



Cute and Fast: Tiny Wings

In Tiny Wings, you are a small bird with the smallest wings. And all you want to do is fly. Using the momentum of hilly slopes, you’ll need to fly through the air and gather coins. But you’re just a little guy–so night time is too scary for you, meaning you’ll need to get as far as you can before the sun sets.



Available for iOS.

The Goods:

  • Cute gameplay and great graphics. Adorable sound effects.
  • Fun objectives to fulfill
  • Totally addictive.
The Bads:

    • Very difficult to first get a hang of.
    • Some objectives are too difficult.


 Take Out Some Rage: Office Jerk

We all have that one co-worker we loathe. Someone we wish we could throw a stapler at. Now, live out all your violent fantasies with Office Jerk. Pick out weapons, fling them at your obnoxious coworker and watch in delight as he suffers! Earn high scores and fulfill objectives to quality for cool, new items that are guaranteed to cause cartoonish harm.

Available for iOS and Android.

clipboard screenshot

The Goods:

  • Hilarious to play. internationally
  • Unique take on the fling-style games. 
  • Great sound effects.
The Bads:

    • Lots of ads
    • Lots of incentives are presented for in-app purchases to the point of excess



Darling but Deadly: Fling!

In Fling, you need to fling furballs against each other. Each successful fling will pump a furball off the board. To complete the level, you need to be left with just one furball. What makes the game tricky is two things: first, you can’t fling a furball against another one if they are directly next to each other). Second, when you end up with six or seven little furry guys on your screen, it gets pretty confusing. A great way to pass your commute and get your brain ready for work.

Available for iOS and Android. screenshot

The Goods:

  • Those little puffs are adorable.
  • Despite the repetitive flinging motions, very fun and engaging.
  • A brain-teasing challenge
  • Will suck you in.
The Bads:

    • Very few free hitns.
    • Gets difficult very quickly.