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Whats the Word is 4 pic trivia guessing app game by RedSpell. Users are going to receive 4 pictures, and then guess what they have in-common and select from the letter group below to fill in the correct word.



Whats the Word by RedSpell is pretty similar to 4 Pics 1 Word by LOTUM GmbH, but you’re are going to find a different, better layout–with color schemes,  than what 4 Pics 1 Word was poorly offering.

The 4 pictures 1 word thing has kind of been over played, so I was getting a little tired of seeing these, but when I found they (supposedly) started the trend, I wanted to find out some more. So I downloaded and began playing.

While the game-play, hints and coin distribution are all the same as the rest (pretty much), Whats the Word introduces categories to their 4 pics game–where most others don’t. And while adding new puzzles, pictures and categories is all good in my review, I thought that some of the levels in the categories got to be too hard, and seemed as though all Whats the Word wanted to do was for me to reach into my pocket for money. Don’t believe me? Well, you have to have coins just to open their “Theme Packs.”

Like I mentioned before…love the color schemes and layout, as well as the edition to “Theme Packs,” but not a fan of the obscure pictures chosen for certain “theme.” The real “theme” behind this game…be weary.


What’s the Word is fun and entertaining, but becomes a bit drawn-out. Over 1,000 images is a lot; you’re probably going to end up playing this game every so often, when you’re bored.


What’s the Word is one of the original 4 pics 1 word style games to be released, and what I like is that they brought categories with a set amount of pictures in each one.


These levels are pretty hard, especially when you get to the Theme Packs!