What’s The Saying?What’s The Saying?

What’s The Saying?

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What’s the Saying?

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What’s the Saying? has you guess the popular saying that is represented by a puzzling and crafty illustration. A letter pool is provided to help you fill in the answer. Coins are received for every completed level, which can be used towards in-app hints.



Over here at App Sammy, I find that while a lot of these app-icon-trivia-games are good and help pass the time, as well as provide new and customary game play designs, they are all starting to look the same. And a lot are just simply coming up with the same icons and answers that were founded originally by Icomania and Icon Pop Quiz.

But then What’s the Saying? came into my app life…

What’s the Saying? has these beautifully, artistically crafted icons that are conveying classic and obscure sayings that are commonly used in the U.S. What’s The Saying? gets pretty creative, capturing all of the sayings and conveying them through a well-designed icon/drawing.


What’s the Saying kept me entertained! I loved that it was broken up into categories. And they never reused images or sayings, and there were no bugs. So that allowed for a fun time of gaming.


I love the vast differences What’s the Saying? brings to the app world. They bring a new design and style to icons, and they’re using sayings, which is much harder than just names and words.


The biggest problem I had was that they included “sayings” that actually aren’t “sayings.”
Yeah, that was kind of annoying–especially after I figured out the answer.