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What’s The Pic?

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What’s The Pic presents an image obscured by tiles, a letter bank, and the number of letters that correspond to the image. You have 10 free reveals, or tiles you can remove, before you must guess what the pic underneath represents.




Unfortunately, any interest I have in the game is lost by the abundance of pop-ups and “rate our app!” reminders. As much as I may enjoy the guessing style, the omnipresent ads are just lame.


The game isn’t original by any stretch of the imagination but they do execute the gameplay better.


Is this game difficult? No, definitely not. Sometimes, they try and throw you a doozy by using very specific vocabulary or by using a picture that’s a little ambiguous. I don’t like this facet as much because I feel like the game is trying to trick me!

I want to give What’s the Pic? four stars just for clean interface and good animations, but what holds me back is the pop-ups. You already have a built-in ad at the bottom of the screen, why do I need to be reminded every third win to rate or buy your app? It’s a frustrating reality of a lot of app games out there; they want to monetize at the expense of annoying their users.