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Swing Copters

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Remember Dong Nguyen and Flappy Bird? Well he is back with another hit game, Swing Copters. The game is designed like Flappy Bird and has the same frustrating qualities.

In Swing Copters you will be flying a character with a propeller hat on his head. You will be trying to avoid different platforms and swinging hammers. To keep him flying, you will need to continuously tap the screen to make him fly upwards and change from side to side.



The playability is fairly frustrating. If you played Flappy Bird, you will know what I am referencing. Getting the tap down to fly the character will take multiple tries. Tapping is key when trying to fly it through the different platforms.


Swing Copters is unlike many of the other games on the app stores, except Flappy Bird. It greatly resembles the same gameplay as Flappy Bird. When you flip Swing Copters horizontally, you will see how it resembles Flappy Bird.

However, in Swing Copters you will be able to achieve different medals. The medals will unlock different characters for you to fly through the platforms.


Swing Copters is very difficult. Not only does it take awhile to get the tapping and touch down, but you will also find yourself very frustrated trying to fly the character. Flying the character seems near impossible to start.