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In Sprinkle Islands, you are an adorable fire truck driver. Using your extendable hose, it’s up to you to put out the fires started by flying pieces of trash. There are over 60 levels but each one has multiple parts. Don’t use up all your water until you’ve put out all the fires on your level or you’ll have to start over!

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Sprinkle Islands is pretty simple to understand. As a driver of a mini-firetruck, you are responsible for putting out the fires being made on a paradise Island. It’s adorable and the levels are intricate but not too difficult. I ended up playing through ten levels before writing this review–I just couldn’t stop! IT’s just challenging enough to be interesting without being frustrating.

Well, mostly. I sometimes found that new elements play were introduced without any explanations as to how to engage with them. There’s a delicate balance between over and under explanation. That’s probably my biggest complaint with Sprinkle Islands.


Sprinkle Islands is the second version of Sprinkle. Medicore knew it had a good idea and decided to expand on it. Like Angry Birds or Cut the Rope, there are a lot of fantastic details to this 2.0 of the game. Medicore Games amped their graphics, sound effects and definitely worked on making game play a little trickier. Sprinkle Islands is a great third addition to the Sprinkle games.

If you’re familiar with Sprinkle, then Sprinkle Islands won’t strike you as too original. But it’s a game that’s a great example of how to take popular mobile app game features and making them their own. The use of physics, the cuteness, the multi-step levels and backstory all play together quite nicely.


Sprinkle Islands gradually gets more difficult–you go from putting out fires to estimating how to knock over and maneuver boulders, how to lower bridges and all while remembering to lower your firehose! None of the levels are impossibly frustrating like, oh say, Candy Crush, so you’ll find yourself looking for clever solutions and feeling pleasantly surprised when after a couple of tries, you defeat the level!

What do YOU think of the popular fun-physics game model?