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Splashy Fish

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Now that the infamous Flappy Bird has been taken down from the app store, addicts are scrambling to find a fix for their flappy bird-sized hole in their hearts. A lot of clones have come out recently but the best by far is Splashy Fish.




Splashy Fish is a little easier than Flappy Bird–they created a better balance between tapping and the movement of your fish. You’ll still be struggling to get a score more than 5, though!

Also, rather than earning medals, you can earn trophies that act like accessories. Make your fish look awesome with sunglasses, new hair or a gold fin.


While Splashy Fish is certainly a Flappy Bird clone, the developers have done a good job of making slight tweaks. By offering wearable trophies and making the game a little easier, they’ve addressed some of the complaints people had with the original game.


Splashy Fish is no Flappy Bird in difficulty but it is certainly hard! Without any boosters you can buy, it’ll take you a dozen (or more) rounds to get a handle on this fun game!