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PicSizzle Cheats


PicSizzle is 2 pics 1 saying style game–unlike anything on the iOS and Android market. Found on both Google Play and the iOS Store, Scrapple Labs, LLC has come out with their newest app trivia/word game that tests users knowledge on popular and obscure sayings used around the world. Users will get 2 pics that coordinate with the saying in question. Blank Spaces are provided below, as well as a letter bank below. Hints include Remove a Letter and Reveal a Letter.



At App Sammy, we’ve been waiting a while for a game to be made involving pictures and sayings. We’ve seen games like 4 Pics 1 Word by Lotum GmbH and What’s the Saying? by Cheat Master And Friends Words Cheats LLC , but we’ve never seen one that has combined both. And then PicSizzle by Srapple Labs, LLC came into our sights.

And to be honest…we haven’t let Picsizzle out of our sights. Seriously, it’s like a good book you just can’t put down. Expect, well in this case, it’s an app. But you get what were saying.


I found this game to be a magnet, grabbing my attention and latching on to my mind. I had the game in my hands the whole time, and didn’t stop until I beat all the levels. I never found it to be boring or bland. In fact, I think most games that involve pictures and words pale in comparison to PicSizzle. PicSizzle is giving users 2 pics and you’re going to have to guess the saying. You’re still going to get a letter bank, blank spaces, and hints. And though we already think this game is great and the concept is really attractive to us app-trivia-gamers, we love how they start-out easy with familiar sayings, and then work us up to harder levels that are fair and make sense.


Most app games lack originality–unless they are the first ones to do it, which then leads to other developers trying replicate and duplicate the game. And while I have seen some games


At times the difficulty in this game can be hard; however, what I liked about it most was that it started out slowly and built up to becoming harder. But I never felt disengaged or duped by the pictures and their sayings.