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Pet Rescue Saga is the newest game from the creators of Candy Crush– In this game, it’s up to you to rescue cute little critters through block-matching puzzles.




The game is similar to Candy Crush in that it involves a game-board layout and color-matching puzzles. In a screen of colored blocks, you need to tap combos of two or more colors to clear them. Pet Rescue Saga embraces a pretty innate gaming style–matching color blocks. With each level, there’s an objective (clear 75% of the puzzle, bring the “animals” down to the bottom of the board, etc).

There are also available boosters, some are free (like a very nifty and useful rocket which can help knock out some outlying color blocks), others are earned and of course, you can buy more.


While Candy Crush was a new spin on the Beweled style, Pet Rescue isn’t quite as engaging or addictive. Maybe the target audience is a bit younger, maybe it’s that King wanted a game that was a little easier. Either way, it didn’t hook me.


The game relies much more on cuteness than difficulty. You’ll find yourself speeding through the first dozen levels. You’re also awarded boosters much more quickly in Pet Rescue Saga. King earns points–as usual–for a fully integrated interface. Their gameplay is well thought out and contains a cohesive narrative. But, the game lacks a certain umph.