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Paperama is an innovative and ingenious puzzle game brought to you by FDG Entertainment. As the name somewhat suggests, this game is all about the ancient art of Japanese paper folding, or as most call it, origami. So how on earth could you cram such a hobby into a mobile game? Actually, quite easily.

When you begin the game, you will be shown a piece of paper and a dotted line the makes up your shape. Your job is to simply figure out a way make the shape by folding your piece of paper in various ways. However, the challenge comes in when you factor in a set move set. That’s right. You only have a select amount of moves to accomplish your folding task. In addition to that you accuracy is will come into play, making things a bit more tricky.

In all, there are three different level types (Tani, Yama, and Jabara). You begin with Tani, which is essentially just making different types of shapes, such as squares and triangles. But the real fun begins when you start up the two later levels when you are challenged to create more artful paper sculptures such as a boat or animal. Another nice element about Paperama is the fact that you can use hints. When used, these hints will advance the piece of paper in one step, leaving the rest up to you. However, you should keep in mind that these hints are limited.

As another huge positive, these same paper folding steps that you use to progress through the game, can actually be used in real life. Everything you learn from this massive origami tutorial can be put to use to create your very own piece of paper art. So, by the time your done with this game, you’re basically a paper folding master.

Paperama is completely free and available on all iOS and Android devices.



The gameplay of Paperama is extremely fluid and responsive. In fact, I cant recall a puzzle game that flowed as nicely as the tap and drags do in this game. When making your folds, the game is sharply accurate in how it measures your every crease.

If you can fold a piece of paper in real life, then you can fold a piece of paper in this game. It really feels like you are creating the real thing.


Honestly, I can’t quite remember any other game that is like Paperama. It’s more than likely the first of it’s kind. For that, we have to give the developers a pat on the back for coming up with something completely original.


Paperama starts off easy enough, but as soon as you reach the later levels, it’s anything but. When you reach the more complex shapes, you’re going to find yourself banging your head against the wall. But that’s honestly ok because that’s the fun in it. In a time of easy picture trivia games and match-3 puzzlers, it’s nice to have a diverse and artful mobile challenge.