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Movies Emoji Pop is the newest spin-off of the incredibly popular Emoji Pop app. In this themed version of the game, you will be presented with 2-4 emojis that represent a movie title (ranging from classic cinema to recent releases).




While I am a huge fan of Emoji Pop, I can’t give this alternative much credit. My score comes out of frustration. For one, I downloaded the version 1.0 of Emoji Pop Movies and was very disheartened to discover how many typos there were. Secondly, the poor UI of the first release combined with the flagrant reuse of emoji combinations they had already used shows me the app is just for earning more revenue.

While the concept is simple, Emoji Pop – Movies had a poor launch. I understand wanting to monetize but I can’t get past the fact that errors on their side (like typos in movie titles) affected gameplay.


The first few levels of Emoji Pop Movies seemed to come from the game’s father—Emoji Pop. Image combinations like: E.T, The Life of Pi, New York New York, can all be found in the Emoji Pop game.

And while I do appreciate a spin-off, this one seems to have answers be based more on selective copy-and-pasting.


Difficulty is subjective in this game. I have a pretty extensive movie knowledge (thanks to two parents who were very into cinema) so I found the guessing element pretty easy. That being said, if your movie tastes aren’t as expansive or if you have no interest in flicks released 30+ years ago, you’ll find this game more difficult.