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MovieCup is an interactive app that is available in 11 different languages. Users who play MovieCup go head-to-head with their friends on Facebook, through generated username, email, or with random people to test their movie knowledge. After they’ve selecting a movie genre, a clip will play and four movie titles will be given as options to select for an answer. Whoever answers the name of the movie correctly and in the shortest amount of time in each round is crowned the winner. Five movie clips are shown in each round; there are three rounds.



MovieCup is a fast paced, interactive game that tests your knowledge on movies–using movie clips. And to be honest…we LOVE MovieCup! Allow us to list some of the reasons why…

The game is interactive, so you can play and compete with a lot of people from wide range of areas. Another reason to love it is, while MovieCup has movie clips straight from the movie, it’s also timing you and your opponent on how long it takes for you to guess the movie correctly. So you always have it in the back of your head that you need to answer this right, and as quickly as possible! And with over 40 categories, this is definitely going to be a game that I’ll keep playing on my phone, and will most certainly not delete.


MovieCup playability is awesome! It’s fast-paced! And you would think that because they’re loading movie clips that it would be filled with bus or glitches, but there NONE! And that makes the playability incredible


Very original! MovieCup is the only game out there that has actual movie clips.


I’d say the difficulty on this is fair. It is hard and you always have the timer in the back of your mind–as well as your competitor’s time and score, but it’s fair.