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Logomania is the newest, and perhaps, most difficult entry into the crowded universe of mobile logo apps. From the developers at Genera Mobile; you’ll be tested through your knowledge of brands, commercials, and ads. But in this picture trivia game, you won’t necessarily need to name the company. No, no. Instead, you’ll need to break out your eye for details and decipher what a logo should look like.

In a level of Logomania, you will be shown a modified company logo. Now the image could be altered so that it’s missing a letter, prop, or maybe even a border. Below this image, you will have four different pieces of what could be your missing logo piece. However, only one of these options is correct. Some of these options will even resemble each other with only the slightest detail changed. So, you’re really going to need to know your stuff when it comes to logos.

At the start of the game, you’ll be given four lives. But with every in correct answer, you’ll lose a life. Therefore, you’ll need to be extremely decisive when you make you selection. TO help you along, you’ll be given the option to use an in-game hint in the form of bombs. These bombs will take away an option and narrow your choices down.

Logomania is downloadable for free on all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPot Touch.



Logomania plays as any other picture trivia game, relying on only taps and your vision. If you can read and touch your phone, anyone can pick up this sucker and play immediately.


While we have seen many incarnations of mobile logo games, I can’t quite remember one that plays out like this one. While most games only require you to name a company, Logomania makes you visually figure out what is missing from a logo. For that, we have to give this game credit. It’s taken a very stale template of a game and put a nice twist on it.

Stepping away and looking at the game, you’ll see that a lot of work went into this game. Not only did they have to edit the existing logos, but they also had to create new and potentially fitting pieces of the logo. So, again, we have to applaud their creativity.

Whether you’ve played another type of logo game or not, Logomania is a decently challenging game that is going to no doubt frustrate you. Unless you have one hell of a memory for ads, this game is going to be present some mighty difficulties.