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Logo Quiz is the first major game by AticoD (an independent and one-man development company). In this game, you’re presented with a partially obscured or edited brand logo. Using your letter bank and your brain, you’ll need to figure out which brand logo you’re being presented with.

This isn’t necessarily a game you aim to beat, with over 40 levels (and over 700 logos to identify), it’s more about challenging yourself and brainstorming with your friends.




Logo Quiz is fun. It’s just plain fun. I think it comes from it being a great execution of an already done idea. Logo Quiz plays on the addictive quality of oh, oh I know this one!. With so many familiar emblems, you’ll be kicking yourself when you miss the easy ones and high fiving yourself when you nail the difficult ones. It’s easy to play and a really great time waster.


Logo Quiz isn’t necessarily original, although who would have thought that it’d be more fun than games like Hi Guess The Brand? I think a part of it comes from the familiarity with logos and also from them being partially presented. It makes the game a little harder.


The game gets progressively more difficult–by the time you’re in the higher levels, there will be logos from famous fictional brands. And there are hundreds of logos–each level has 30+ parts–so it’s likely you’ll soon be googling “what’s that logo that’s half a shark and half a triangle” before long!