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Infinite Pics

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From the developers, Conversion LLC comes the new trivia game to top the charts. Infinite Pics will test your knowledge in a variety of categories. Images seen can belong to sports, movies, animals, celebrities, and much more. Unlike many of the other trivia games, this game features an image that is covered by tiles. The goal is to guess the image with the least amount of tiles being removed.

If you love puzzle and trivia games, you will love Infinite Pics. The game features hundreds of levels for you to play. Start testing your general knowledge, and see if you can guess what image is behind those tiles!



The game is fairly simple, especially if you are familiar with trivia and puzzle games. In the game you will find an image that is covered with tiles, a letter bank, and blank spaces. Use the letter bank and the image to figure out what the image is. The game offers a few different hints for you to use in case you get stuck on one of the levels.


Unlike many of the other trivia games, this game does not give you the entire image to start. One by one you can peel back the tiles and reveal more of the image. However, the concept is very similar to the other games on the charts.


Infinite Pics is not a very difficult game to get the hang of. However, you want to reveal a small amount of tiles in each level. Some of the levels may be more difficult to solve than others, especially depending on what category you are playing.