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Iconic, the first game from Flow Studio a.s. in over a year and a half, has recently taken the App Store by storm. Trivia buffs will love Iconic, a pop culture trivia game that challenges you to identify cultural touchstones from throughout history. With answers ranging from George Washington to Propellerheads, you’ll be testing your memory and puzzling skills at every turn. Do you have what it takes to beat hundreds of levels and come out on top?



Iconic stumbles in the playability department because of its keyboard. Unfortunately, although the interface looks good, it’s tough to actually enter an answer. It’s not that it’s hard to enter the correct letter; rather, it’s a problem of being able to enter a letter at all. Often, tapping a letter will make it look as though it’s been selected, but the letter will not appear in the answer blanks. This can be solved by simply typing the letter again, but it requires players to be constantly checking to make sure there aren’t typos in their answers. That’s not a sign of good gameplay.


Iconic gets high marks for original design and art in a genre that’s clogged with copycats. Most trivia apps use slightly doctored official artwork of famous characters, but Iconic sets itself apart from the pack by using high-quality line art that contributes to the overall minimal aesthetic of the game. Iconic sets the bar high for any trivia games to come.


Iconic’s answers are far from easy. While some may be obvious to any player, many levels draw on lesser-known figures of pop culture like Neneh Cherry that the majority of players will not have heard of. By switching up the difficulty level from stage to stage, Iconic’s creators create a play experience that’s as engaging as it is hard.