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Icon Pop Quiz is a simple but well executed icon trivia game. The game is organized into categories like Weekend Specials, Season’s Box, Famous People, TV & Films, and Characters. Inside categories are levels, and inside levels are pretty little icons you must answer to unlock new levels.



Icon Pop Quiz is really the “2.0 version (if you will)” of icon style trivia/word/puzzle games. So I would consider it an upgrade from the already popular, Icomania.

Why and how, you ask? Well, Icon Pop Quiz has categorized each level so that users can select which levels they would like to play. No more being forced to guess icons in subjects/categories users aren’t well-informed about; you can just simply not do those categories and the levels in them.


I stayed glued to my phone with this game; I never found myself board or frustrated because I was allowed to skip icons I didn’t know.


There are plenty of categories and levels to choose from, which allows Icon Pop Quiz to hone its own originality. But we haven’t even gotten to the best part of Icon Pop Quiz…Once users have selected the category they want to play and start at level 1, users will notice about 16 tiny little boxes that have icons in them. Once a user clicks on a particular icon, it expand so you can answer the name of the icon in question. Wait…if you don’t know the answer…you won’t be stuck there because you can just simply exit out and go to a new icon!


Some of the icons are a bit hard because they’re not well-known, or from other countries. But I never found them to be unfair or just trying to stump me so I would buy more hints.