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Icomania is an icon trivia game by Games for Friends GmbH for iOS and Android. Guess what each icon represents using the letter bank provided. Icomania levels are categorized by the banner above it – celebrities, logos, brands, movies, and TV Shows.



Icomania is the original icon guessing game that revolutionizes the app user’s experience of trivia/puzzle games.

I’m not one to rant and rave (in-fact, I’m usually pretty cynical when it comes to games…sorry, I have high expectations for the games I think are worth your time), but Games for Friends GmbH creates a real dazzling display of freshly-designed icons for Icomania.

Each icon–for no-matter what category—fits in and flows nicely with the rest of the icons. None of them ever seem awkward or out of place.

While many of the icons are relatively simple and easy to guess, Icomania makes their icons a little more difficult as the game progresses. And they also include banners to let you know that the icon is either a Famous Person, TV & Movie, or anyone of their other categories, which really alleviates the pressure off of using hints and being completely stuck. They really provide you some guidance to go off of.


While I really enjoyed the icons and the fact that Icomania is original, it got a little long after awhile. Even with the cool designs and icons, it just became a little boring.


Well, since Icomania is one of the first icon games to be released, their originality is pretty high.


Icomania starts out pretty easy, but then gets difficult really quickly. And there are a lot of levels, so the difficulty is high!