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Guess the country or city based off the icon that represents a landmark or something famous about its culture.



Man Zhang has created a ridiculous amount of Hi Guess the… trivia and icon games. And they’re all pretty much the same in terms of game play and style, but they change up the categories of the game; maybe somebody should have just told him to do a theme pack in one big app called “Hi Guess the Everything on the Face of the Universe.”

But now back to the review…Hi Guess The Place is the new game here, and the objective of this game is guessing a city or country based off the icon. And while the Hi Guess the… games is flooding the App Store for iOS and all the icons start looking the same–no matter the category, I love the clean design and the icons they’ve chosen; it puts an informative and educational spin on app-icon-trivia-puzzle games that we normally don’t see.


Out of all the unoriginal Man Zhang games, Hi Guess The Place is the most “playable”. The game very cultural and adds the element of expanding people’s knowledge of world geography.


The overall gameplay of Hi Guess The Place is pretty unoriginal. However, what I do like about it is the theme of the game. Most other games have you guess movies, shows, company logos, etc. Hi Guess The Place has you guess cities and countries around the world which I think is a great idea.


Just like the other “Hi Guess The” games, Hi Guess The Place increases in difficulty as you correctly answer each question. Depending on your world geography skills, this could be detrimental to your time spent playing the game.