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Guess The Icon

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Guess The Icon is the new trivia game from Pro Film Games. Test your knowledge in a variety of categories, such as Television, Characters, City, Food, and many more. Throughout the game you will be given a partial image relating to the category.

Use the blank spaces and letter bank to help you figure out what the icon is. If you think you are fairly knowledgable in different pop culture categories, you will love this game. The game is available for free download on all iOS devices.



If you have played other trivia games, you will be comfortable playing Guess The Icon. Like other trivia games, you will have an image, letter bank, blank spaces, and hints. The controls are very responsive in this game.


The images and icons used in the game are one of a kind. Rather than using an image of the actual icon, they have created their own images. Although they have differentiated themselves by using their own images, the game is very similar to many of the other trivia games.

Like other trivia games, the playability is the same. You will need to look at the image and use the letter bank and blank spaces provided. The game also offers different hints for you to use to help you along the way.


If you think you know you pop culture icons, you should not have a problem in this game. However, with one hundred levels, some of the levels may prove to be more difficult than others.