Guess the Color – ColormaniaGuess the Color – Colormania

Guess the Color – Colormania

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Guess the Color – Colormania is a simple, yet challenging take on the class “guess the picture’ games. While most games require you to simply name the word or title associated with a shown picture, Guess the Color – Colormania asks you to answer the color of an image.

Instead of a letter bank, you will have a color bank. You will then need to correctly answer what color go with that particular image which ranges from logos to icons to cartoon characters to celebrities.For instance, you may be required to state the colors of Fred Flinstone’s clothes or what colors are in the Ikea logo.

If you become stuck, you will be able to use hints such adding a color and removing a color from the bank.



The gameplay of Guess the Color – Colormania is so simple and easy to play that you don’t even need to run through any tutorials. All you need to do is pick and up and let er’ rip.

The game’s touchscreen taps are responsive and flawless. In addition to that, the game is visually pleasing thanks to the many bright and vivid colors. The hints are also a nice touch, along with the added inclusion to ask a friend on Facebook.


What’s great about Guess the Color – Colormania is that there aren’t many games out there like it, and when you find one, they don’t often rival the game.

The game is pretty solid, especially if you have become tire of the constant onslaught of “guess the picture” trivia and word games. The use of a color bank rather than a letter bank is quite refreshing and fun, because who wouldn’t want to look at some pleasant colors rather some some boring old cluster of letters?


Believe it or not, Guess the Color – Colormania is much harder than it looks. You’d be surprised at how many details you forget about famous logos and characters.

However, if you are an absolute pop culture and consumer fiend, then you may find Guess the Color – Colormania’s difficulty lacking.