Guess the 90s!Guess the 90s!

Guess the 90s!

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Guess the 90s is one of the most popular guessing games available right now. In this game, you are presented with an image and a letter bank. Use the image and the clue above–it will tell you what category the image belongs to, like toys or TV–to guess what 1990s blast from the past is being predicted!

The game has over 400 levels and for each correct answer, you earn one coin. If you want to reveal or remove a letter, it will cost you fifteen coins. You can also purchase coins in-app, 100 for $0.99.




The game has a very easy and self-explanatory playing style, there is little lag and no unnecessary animations. The words they tend to pick are shorter so the letter bank is larger than other games (which is a plus). The game runs smoothly and doesn’t crash but the answers are littered with typos. Get ready to get frustrated when you realize they’re spelling it “Freedie Prince Jr” and not “Freddie.”


Guess the 90s isn’t an original game. It plays off of the style we’ve seen many times before: you’re presented with an image, a number of letters, and a letter bank and you have to guess the image. There aren’t extra animations but the return on getting a right answer is very low. With only 1 coin earned, it takes awhile to save up for hints.


While Guess the 90s in gameplay isn’t unique, it’s a really enjoyable trip down memory lane. The makers do a great job of combining different cultural references, from foods to toys to TV shows and movies. Some of the references aren’t obscure but it will have been so long since you heard the word, you’ll be scratching your head trying to remember!

If you grew up in the 1990s, you’re going to love playing this game.