Guess the 80s!Guess the 80s!

Guess the 80s!

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From the makers of Guess the 90s and Guess the Millennium comes Guess the 80s!

Guess the 90s is a very popular guessing game and now there’s Guess the 80s. In this game, you are shown an image and a letter bank. Use the image what category the image belongs to (like music or movies) to guess what 1980s image is being predicted!

The game has over 200 levels. For each answer you get right, you’ll earn one coin. If you want to reveal or remove a letter, it will cost 15 coins. You can also purchase coins in-app, 100 coins are $0.99.




Conversion has done a great job of fixing the playability issues in their earlier versions of Guess the 90s. Guess the 80s was released bug-free and with no typos in the answers! It makes enjoying the game even easier.


As this game is a spin-off, it isn’t very original but that’s not the reason people play, anyway!


If you grew up in the 1980s, this game is for you! It’s filled with awesome cultural references, great blasts from the pasts and soon, you’ll be experiencing a lot of memories!

What makes Guess the 80s a little more challenging is the wide array of categories! With so many different levels and such a variety of images, you might get stuck once or twice!