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Guess the 70s

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From the makers of Guess the 90s, Guess the Millennium and Guess the 80s comes Guess the 70s.

Guess the 70s is a guessing game that is completely centered on the 1970s! You are given an image, a category and a letter bank. Use the image what category the image belongs to (like tv shows or toys) to guess what 1970s image is being shown!

Guess the 70s has over 200 levels. For 1970s answer you answer correctly, you’ll earn one coin. If you want to reveal or remove a letter, it will cost you a 15 coins each. You can also purchase coins in-app. 100 coins costs $0.99.

Unfortunately, this game is only currently available for Android! Rumor is that it will be on iOS soon, though.




Conversion, LLC knows a hit when they have one! After launching the massively successful Guess the 90s!, they’ve released three follow-up games. This game is just like any picture-word guessing game and is very easy to play.


As this game is another spin-off, it’s style isn’t original. While the 1970s content stays true to the decade, if you’ve played Guess the 90s or Guess the 80s, then Guess the 70s will be familiar to you!


Guess the 70s is a little harder than the other versions of the game. Maybe because it was a rich time in history or maybe because it was so long ago! Anyone who wasn’t raised in the 1970s may find themselves scratching their heads a bit. But don’t worry, there are also easy ones–like Cher, Mash and more!

What makes Guess the 70s a challenge is all the categories! With so many different levels and such a variety of pop-culture items you need to remember, you might get not know an answer!