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Godus is the brand new simulation God game from 22Cans. The game is designed by the genre’s mastermind, Peter Molyneux (creator of Populous and Black & White).

Funded through Kickstarter, Godus puts you in the shoes of a God. Sitting atop your giant cloud, you’ll need to build an entire civilization and take them from the primitive age to the space age by building homes, temples, and more. With your arsenal of God powers; you’ll be able to sculpt land, beautify land, and even smite your followers.

From exploring new territories to unravelling the land’s mysteries, Godus is a fairly comprehensive game when it comes to the God genre. While the game is still in it’s early stages and constantly updating, it’s safe to say that Godus will be the must have download for anyone who enjoys creating life and wielding power.



While Godus is incredibly visually pleasing, the gameplay can be quite frustrating. It’s pretty evident the developers made great strides in trying to make the controls flow as smooth as possible. However, the click and dragging can be, often times, finicky. Which is sad because it definitely slows the pace of your game down.

To go along with pacing, the game is a freemium and that is never a good thing. You’ll constantly need to wait for everything to evolve. Either that, or fork over some cash.


As far, as simulations go. We’ve seen this formula before from previous Peter Molyneux games. We’ve seen games where you need to build lands and civilization. However, this is the first time, we’ve seen anything so complete like this on iOS.

As far as the game itself, everything is fairly original thanks in large part to how the game operates its system of currency and cards.


There is a slight learning curve in Godus. If you’ve never played a God simulation game before, you may find yourself a little lost at first. But in time, you’ll get used to the inner workings of how to build.

Agin though, the most difficult aspect here is the waiting game thanks to the always annoying freemium bologna. While it’s challenging, if you can get past the time and have a little bit of patience, you should not have too much trouble building a pretty awesome world.