Giant Boulder of DeathGiant Boulder of Death

Giant Boulder of Death

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What do you think of Giant Boulder of Death? Do you dig the murderous spin on the runner-type game?


Giant Boulder of Death is the newest game from [adultswim]. In this game, the boulder takes revenge on humans. After tumbling down from atop a hill, it rolls into a valley and begins clobbering anything in its way. As the boulder, you’ll need to tilt need to navigate the area, knock over trees and humans but avoid certain obstacles.

Android and desktop versions of this game are slated for a later release.




Giant Boulder of Death is a tilt-play game. As the boulder, you’ll use your smartphone to navigate across different landscapes. Like other games of this ilk, you can collect coins, destroy trees and crush humans to earn multipliers, gems (for mid-game revival) and coins (to upgrade your boulder and buy boosters).


Giant Boulder of Death takes the concept of an endless runner and makes it more fun. I love the idea of having to “run” objects over to get extra points. It also adds a level of difficulty to the gameplay as hitting objects slightly derails your boulder’s path.


The game is definitely a little difficult to get a handle on first. The instructions aren’t necessarily clear and the objectives aren’t laid out quickly. Once you’ve played two or three times, you’ll get a handle on the tilt responsiveness (which is a bit slow) and how best to knock out trees or the little characters.