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Get ready for a twist on an old formula. Find the Emoji, new from developer Emoji+, is the only game of its kind on the App Store. Advance through hundreds of levels by figuring out the solution to the emoji puzzles. Sounds like every other “guess the emoji” game, right? Wrong. This time, you’ll have to type with the emojis yourself. Can you figure out all of the answers? Find the Emoji is one picture puzzle that’s bound to confound you.

The fundamentals of Find the Emoji might be familiar, but trying to type with emojis is different from anything you’ve probably done before. Are you ready to play Solve the Emoji in reverse?



Emoji+ has made a very clean interface for their emoji games. Find the Emoji is laid out as simply as any Guess the Emoji knockoff, but it’s much smoother and is easy on the eyes. This translates into a good user experience. When you’ve got a lot of buttons, it is easy to get the labeling confused or have laggy inputs. Fortunately, none of these ailments plague Find the Emoji. It’s a stripped-down game that still manages to look great and preserve functionality.


The core of Find the Emoji couldn’t be less original, but its execution is surprisingly novel. If you’ve ever played an emoji-based quiz before, you know how these games work. You see a few pictures, you figure out the word or phrase they represent, you type in the answer. Everything looks exactly the same, except for the image and letter placement has been switched. Figuring out how to spell a concept in images yourself uses a totally different part of the brain than most emoji games, so in that sense, Find the Emoji is quite original.

Of course, the illusion of originality is destroyed when you realize that every level is the reverse of one from Emoji+’s previous hit, Solve the Emoji. If you’ve played that game, Find the Emoji will be horribly dull for you.


We’ve played Solve the Emoji, so Find the Emoji wasn’t very difficult for us. It’ll be even easier for you if you’re already a big emoji user. But those who aren’t used to thinking in pictures might not find this game so simple. It’s a good way to exercise new parts of your brain.