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From the developers of Logo Quiz and Movie Quiz comes Emoji Quiz, a brand spanking new picture trivia game geared to the emoji lovers in all of us. From pop culture to phrases to even food, Logo Quiz is going to put your wealth of emoji knowledge through the ringer.

When you begin your Emoji Quiz quest to glory, you’re going to get a bank of letters and a chain of emoji icons. From there, you will need to combine the emojis to form your answer. Now, these emoji clues could be conveying the mystery word contextually or literally. For example, you could be show a snow emoji and a white tile. Put them together and get snow white. Or you could get an apple, a computer, and an iPhone. The answer there is clearly Apple. Get it?

Every answer will net you some coins that you can use on in-game hints. Can’t quite think of the answer? Reveal a letter or remove all of the useless letters from the bank. Heck, if you’re really stuck, just say screw it and skip the level completely.

Emoji Quiz is completely free to download on all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.



Logo Quiz is pretty easy to get the hang of. I mean, if you’re played any picture game, you’ll have no trouble getting used to the idea here. Just tap a letter tile to start inputting your answer and you’re good to go. Just be sure to clearly tap the letters as it can be somewhat figity at times.


Unfortunately, originality is Logo Quiz’s downfall. Like we mentioned above, if you’ve played one picture game, you’re kind of played them all. Sure, some of the emoji chains are creative and different than others, but there are a ton of emoji games too similar to this one.


If you have not played an emoji picture trivia game before them you’re going to be pretty challenged trying to get some of these answers. However, if you have dipped into this genre of trivia before, you may find the challenge lacking. Still, for those folks, Emoji Quiz can still offer up a solid amount of brain riddling and entertainment.