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Emoji Puzzle

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Emoji Puzzle is the new hit game from developers, TopRankApps Limited. If you love emoji’s and trivia games than this is the game for you to download. It is available for free download on all iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Emoji Puzzle will put your emoji knowledge to the test by displaying a variety of different emoji combinations for you to solve.  The emoji’s may represent a brand, a restaurant, a phrase, and much more!



If you are familiar with emoji-based trivia games, the playability is fairly simple. Throughout the game you will be making your way through the Emoji Academy. Each level will either feature a single emoji or a combination of emoji’s. It will be up to you to use the letter bank and blank spaces to determine what the emoji or emoji’s represent.


Like many of the trivia games on the app store, Emoji Puzzle follows the same format. Each level has the image, blank spaces, and letter bank. However, what makes this game more unique than others is the Emoji Academy. You will be working your way through different education levels, working your way up to the university level. The emoji combinations featured, will be more unique and sometimes more challenging than other emoji-based trivia games you may have played.


With hundreds of levels to play, your emoji knowledge will definitely be tested in this game. As you progress through the Academy, the levels become increasingly more difficult. If you happen to get stuck on one of the levels, don’t worry the game does off hints. The hints vary from revealing a letter to removing letters from the letter bank to skipping the entire level. However, use them sparingly since there is a limited amount of hints for you to use in the game.