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In this game, you are given 2-4 emojis that correspond to a noun. Using the letter bank and the number of letters, you’ll need to figure out what the word is!




I really like Emoji Pop. I think part of it comes from its simple ingenuity—emojis are so commonplace right now and what a perfect way to embrace them!  The premise is simple, the play is easy and the pay-off for correct answers is enough that, if you play strategically, you won’t ever need to use an in-app purchase.

Overall, it’s easy to learn, super easy to play.


Emoji Pop takes a popular concept — images representing nouns — and puts a very current spin on them. It’s a mixture of clever and copycatting. But it totally works.


The game difficult varies, sometimes, an answer seems so obvious that it is almost annoying. Other times, the emojis don’t really align with what they’re supposed to represent. I like that mixture though–it keeps you playing.