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Dots was our You vs. Me game for the week of September 2nd.


Dots is a puzzle game where you need to connect like-colored dots in sets of 2 or more.

You’re given a 6×6 grid of dots (in four color variations: purple, green, yellow, red) and your job is to connect like-colored dots! You can connect dots horizontally or vertically but diagonals aren’t allowed.





Dots simplicity hooks you instantly. Since the concept is simple, the play is too. But the small animations of dots disappearing and bouncing down a grid has a very pleasant visual sensation.

There are two modes in Dots: timed (a 2 minute round) and moves (a 30 move round). There are in-app purchases for Dots, although there aren’t a million ads reminding you. The dots that you connect in gameplay, you collect like currency. Use your collected dots to buy one of three boosters. Time stops (5 for 1,000 dots, it stops the clock for 5 seconds), expanders (5 for 5,000 which removes all of one color) and shrinkers (5 for 500 dots, it shrinks a dot of your choice off the board).

The secret to Dots is that you need to form squares. For every square you form, all the other dots of that color drop off the screen. This means that squares make more squares (as there is less color variation).


Dots isn’t necessarily the most original game but it’s been executed in some strong ways. The “square” twist is a nice factors to implement, the boosters are a fun (but optional) way to improve your score and I appreciate how simplified Dots is. They stripped the game down to bare bones in a thoughtful way.


Dots is a difficult game. The all-time high score just barely passes 1,000 points. With only 2 minutes, it requires complete concentration. That being said, when playing Dots, it feels easy to improve. Almost every game you play will result in you having a higher score and you’ll soon be scoping out the board like a pro.

As you can see from the screenshots and this review, there isn’t a lot of gameplay explanation necessary. I like that about this game. Dots is about learning how to gauge your board, and learning how to most quickly form squares.