Criminal CaseCriminal Case

Criminal Case

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Developers, Pretty Simple, have created this new game to test your detective skills. In Criminal Case, it is up to you to restore your city and arrest the villains. Throughout the game you will be trying to find different hidden murder weapons and taking them to the forensic lab.

Continue to look around the scene for any other clues. Once you think you have your man or woman, take a look at the police lineup and arrest the villain. If you love crime scene shows and games, you will love this new game from Pretty Simple.



To start the game, you will be given a step by step manual on how the game operates. Take it in and remember how to solve a crime for the later mysteries. Once you get down what you need to do, the playability is fairly easy. In Criminal Case you will be solving all types of crimes.


Compared to many of the games on the top charts – Criminal Case has a great and unique concept. Throughout the game you will be faced will all sorts of crimes, murders, etc. that you will need to piece together. The game features great graphics allowing you to find the missing pieces with ease.


To begin, the game is fairly easy. All of the clues are in front of you, you just need to find them. As the game progresses and you begin to solve harder mysteries, the difficulty will increase. However, the game in general is not too difficult to figure out and play.