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Colormania – is a trivia guessing game. You’re presented with a greyed version of a famous logo, character or object and it’s up to you to select the right color(s) to fill in the image. Bart Simpson is yellow, watermelons are red and green, Coca Cola is red, and so on.




Colormania is easy to play–just pick the right color! I like how they do one introductory gameplay and then let the users fend for themselves. And while your lives don’t refill quickly, there is a lives wheel. Every time you run out of lives, you can spin the wheel and earn between 1-4. It’s a fun graphic and I like not being forced to purchase more lives (although it is an option).


Colormania is a spin-off with a new spin. I like that about the game–it’s familiar and different all at once. It’s got nice visuals, a good color interface and its easy to place.

That being said, there’s no it or addictive factor to Colormania. It’s fun to poke around with, I asked friends for help on a few levels but I haven’t felt compelled to play it again since initially downloading it.


Colormania can be difficult because of color shades. In one level, you could be presented with the Ikea icon but the blue isn’t quite right, it doesn’t set off a bell. Also, the game does a good job of varying level difficulty. For me, the frustration came from when I was given a more obscure brand logo.