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Candy Crush Saga

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Candy Crush Talk


Candy Crush is a matching game where you must swipe to match three of the same candies in order to remove them. Matching 4, 5, and other special formations of candies will make different effects to help you reach each level’s target goal.



Candy Crush Saga is hands down my favorite matching game. Not many games can keep me engaged until the wee hours of the morning.

Candy Crush’s playful and colorful candy-themed design is perfect for the app’s female dominated demographic. It avoids the monotony of the genre by incorporating hundreds of different targets, special candies, and boosters. Each level is different, with some way more challenging than others.

This is the evil genius behind Candy Crush, and the reason it has players spending so much money. Your lives run out quickly on hard levels that you keep failing to complete. Then you have to wait for your lives to refresh, or else purchase extra lives ($0.99 for a full set). Even still you might need the help of boosters. The price of Candy Crush boosters range from $0.99-$3.99, and it adds up fast. But even pricey lives and boosters can’t stop me from playing Candy Crush. I am determined to beat all 300+ levels of the game!


Very easy to learn but harder to master. It’s a mixture of luck and skill–which can be frustrating but also engaging–by the time you start reaching levels that are more difficult and require multiple tries, you’ll want so badly to beat the level, you won’t be prone to quitting the game.


A unique spin on bejeweled-style games. Candy Crush integrates color-matching, board games and bejeweled into a brand new, and addicting game. It’s a fantastic example on giving new life to existing game themes.


There’s a great level of increasing difficulty. Candy Crush lets you ease into gameplay before amping up how hard levels are! There’s never a feeling of being unprepared for a level and with over 400 levels, it’s easy to see how addictive this game is!