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Brain Chain

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Discover a new way to tease your mind with Brain Chain, the word game that’s all about rhyming. Poets will love this game that shows you strange images which can only be described with two rhyming words. An orca being weighed? Must be a “whale scale”! Play your way through eight packs with 25 levels each for hours of free mind-boggling puzzle fun.



Thankfully, Brain Chain isn’t one of those games that puts new levels behind a paywall. All stages are available automatically, and there are new puzzles being added regularly as of this writing. The basic controls are the same as almost any trivia or word puzzle game–there’s a letter bank and series of blanks to be filled. There aren’t any big problems with the keyboard or layout; Brain Chain has a clear and easy-to-use layout that any player can pick up intuitively. The biggest barrier to playability is the freemium coin system, which prevents you from getting hints if you don’t have enough credit, but you can still ask friends via social media in the app.


Brain Chain successfully sets itself apart from other, lesser word puzzles with its rhyming gimmick. Simply guessing what a picture is referring to doesn’t hold any appeal in a world overloaded with Guess the Emoji clones and 4 Pics 1 Word ripoffs. By establishing a consistent limitation on every answer, Brain Chain adds something novel to a tired genre. That said, the foundations of the game are entirely unoriginal and the layout is a copy of every trivia game you’ve ever played, with some dull pastel backgrounds to boot.


If you’re looking for some mindless game to pass the time between assignments, Brain Chain is not for you. This game starts tough and gets tougher. Depending on the size of your vocabulary, you might find most of the levels easy or everything might seem fiendishly hard. But no matter who you are, you’ll be stumped by at least a few of these puzzles. It’s not because of the image quality, either–some of the levels are legitimately hard for anyone who doesn’t make crossword puzzles for a living.