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Boom Beach

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Boom Beach is a new strategy game from the developers, Supercell. Supercell has created many other hit strategy games, such as Hay Day and Clash of Clans. Throughout Boom Beach you will be trying to protect yourself against the evil troop Blackguard. You will be going to battle against the Blackguard troops on a variety of islands. Each island you face features a different set of troops, resources, and challenges.



If you have played other strategy games, you will be able to catch on to Boom Beach pretty quickly. Throughout the game you will be building up your home island or headquarters to protect yourself from any invasions. At the same time, you will be fighting Blackguard and trying to increase your resources and strength. The game allows you to scout out the islands, which will allow you to sufficiently prepare yourself with the right troops and resources before battle.


The concept and layout of Boom Beach is unlike many of the other strategy games out there. Although there are many strategy games, fighting evil troops on a series of islands makes it standout from the others. In the game you want to continue to update your Headquarters. This will allow you to develop and unlock more troops, resources, weapons, etc.


The beginning stages of the game are fairly easy. Like most strategy games, you will need to continue to build up your base. However, once you get more into the game, this is when you may run into trouble. The Blackguard troops will continue to be more difficult to defeat and the likelihood of your own island getting attacked will increase.