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Bonza Word Puzzle

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Bonza Word Puzzle gives a fresh new take on the classic crossword puzzle and word search that many of us are used to. The game features many different level packs containing 30 different puzzles in each. Each puzzle has one clue, describing the category. There are a variety of scrambled letters and word fragments to start the level. Use these letters and fragments to create a variety of words, relating to the clue. Once you complete one of the packs, you will unlock another pack. If you want to skip ahead, the game does allow you to unlock one of the packs for $.99. The game is available for free download on all Android and iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.



If you understand how to play crossword puzzles and word searches, you will have no problem getting the hang of this game. The playability is straight-forward. It is a simple concept that will have you playing for hours!


Bonza Word Puzzle is like no other word search or crossword type game you have played from the app stores. The concept is simple yet intriguing. Not only are there a variety of packs to play from the game, the game also offers celebrity-designed packs! If you are having trouble with one of the levels, the game does offer you a hint to allow you to reveal one of the letters in the puzzle. For only 50 coins, this hint can help you complete the entire puzzle!


As you progress through the game, the puzzles will get more difficult. There will be more letters and word fragments on the board. However, there are a variety of categories represented in each pack. What may be hard for one person, may be extremely easy for another!