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Do you have a brilliant mind for trivia? Do you love games shows like Family Feud? If so, you’re going to love SCIMOB’s 94%. In 94%, you’re going to have to name the most commonly associated words or terms with the question you are given. For example, what’s the first thing you do when you wake up? Here you might answer something along the lines of brush your teeth or shower. The level is passed when you can correctly name 94% of the most named answers.

94% can currently be downloaded for all iOS and Android devices.



94%’s playability is extremely smooth and seamless. After opening up a level, you’ll be given a term of phrase. You’ll need to come up with the most thought of subjects when someone thinks of that phrase. For example, let’s look at Las Vegas. Here you would use your letter bank and spell out things such as casino or lights or money. Each answer represents a percent or value of where the rank in people’s mind. When you reach 94%, you win that question. For every correct answer, you’ll be awarded some coins to be used on hints.

To make things more interesting, there are also picture packs at the end of every level. Here, you’ll need to name the top thoughts pertaining to that image. So if you see a van next to a beach, you may answer ocean or surf. Essentially, it plays our just like Family Feud so the gameplay is pretty simple.


As far as originality goes, I would have to say this is a fresh take on the increasingly lackluster forms of trivia on mobile. As a fan of Family Feud and board games, it’s quite refreshing to not have to play a game where all you do is a name to a picture. For that, I applaud the developers.

However, as fun as the game can be, there is still a factor of boringness. In the end, you just can’t help but feel like the developers could have done more to make things interesting.


Difficulty wise, it’s a toss up. Some questions the game poses to you are just too easy. However, if you’ve played along with Family Feud before you know that things are not always that easy. As the game gets deeper and deeper, you’re going to come across some really tricky levels where, for some reason, you just can rack your brain for the correct answer. Just remember, in a world where mobile trivia bores, this is a good thing as it can really make things challenging.