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100 Pics Quiz

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In 100 Pics Quiz, you are given an image that is concealed by four tiles. Tap one tile away and use the letter bank and subject clue, to guess what the image is. If you’re still stuck, you can reveal two tiles, three tiles or even four. You earn less coins per level the more tiles you reveal.

The game is split into packs of 100 pictures each. These packs can be subjects like video games, movies, actresses or even colors. A pack costs 100 coins and you can either use the coins you earn in-game or buy 100 coins for $0.99.




The game has a very easy and self-explanatory playing style, there is little lag and no unnecessary animations. The words they tend to pick are shorter so the letter bank is larger than other games (which is a plus).


100 Pics Quiz isn’t the most original game concept but what makes it so popular is how much it offers. There are dozens of packs to pick from, you can use coins to actually¬†skip a level (a rarity in picture-guessing games), images are concealed by tiles and the interface is clean.


The game isn’t a reinvention of the style but it is certainly an improvement. The makers of 100 Pics Quiz has clearly studied the model and come up with the best possible version by combining the best elements of these games!

This game is pretty fun but with a low coin return and 100 pictures per pack, you might need extra help. We recommend 100 Pics Quiz Answers and Cheats as your go-to help site!