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100 Floors is an escape-puzzle-app-game for iOS and Android devices, developed by By Tobi Apps Limited for download on the iOS App Store and Google Play store. Users are going to be entering a room where a close door must be opened so they can escape and enter the next room. Users will be expected to move stuff around, turn your phone in odd angles, and think hard and thoroughly about how to escape the room.



I’m always up for new challenges when it comes to app-games. One of the main things that I love about 100 Floors is that it is unlike anything I’ve ever played before on my SmartPhone. I’ve never come across a challenge like the one 100 Floors puts fourth. It has something about it…something mysterious…something sinister to it…what it is specifically I don’t know. But I do know that it made me think; it made me think ‘How am I gonna get out of this room?’ I loved the challenges, as well as how advanced and thought-out Tobi Apps Limited made this 100 Floors. A revolutionizing and completely different brand/way users will forever play escape/puzzle games.


The game-play is simple to follow – Escape the room you’re in to move onto the next level/room; however, trying to accomplish each room escape makes this simple idea very difficult.


100 Floors is definitely original–in that it was one of the first 100 Floors escape games out in the app stores. I also like how they incorporated seasonal themes. Never seen that in other 100 floors escape games!


100 Floors is very difficult, but doesn’t start out that way. I like that they start out with some simple levels, and then bring it to some more challenging levels that keep you thinking for a while!