Weekend Roundup Aug 19thWeekend Roundup Aug 19th

Weekend Roundup Aug 19th

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Summer is starting to exit-stage-left. And while it’s been a relatively slow summer for new apps, as Fall slowly creeps in, more and more new apps will be coming out! As you may already know, there are thousands of apps that are coming out daily for both iOS and Android, and most usually come out over the weekend. And App Sammy doesn’t want to waste your time with Apps we just truly think aren’t worth the energy you put in to your thumb muscles.

That’s why App Sammy has created The Weekend Round-Up. Everything you need to know about the top games that made their way into their respective app stores.

doodle fit 2

Doodle Fit 2

Doodle Fit 2 is by NAMCO BANDAI Games, and they are bring a new, progressive-app-game-appendage to the popular once Gameboy game, Tetris. Users are going to get an empty-looking shape, and the objective is to correctly place all these various colorfully shaped blocks that are around said shape into the correct spot. Doodle Fit 2 with its innovative design and simplistic concept is worth passing the time with. Available for iOS and Android

castle clash

Castle Clash

Castle Clash was just released for Android on August 15th by IGG.com. In the style of an action-adventure-arcade style game like Clash of Clans, users will be able to strategically build and combat battle others in a quest to become the most prolific Warlord. Users will have to create an army that is fully-loaded with such characters as Dwarves, Elves, Beasts, and Robots…Yes…Robots! Need we say more?
Available for Android.

plants vs zombies 2

Plants vs. Zombies 2

2013 seems to be the year of the zombies. And while many differ on how to effectively destroy these zombies, PopCap believes its Plants that can wipe these grueling zombies. And that’s why PopCap has come back with a sequel unlike another. Plants vs. Zombies 2. Think of Plants vs. Zombies to as the sequel that doesn’t suck. Available for iOS

gold digger

Gold Digger

One of the most energetic games to hit the iOS Store this past weekend is Gold Digger by Gamistry. This Free app allows users to join in an excursion with a team of talented Gold Diggers. And there is only one thing on your mind with this app…GETTING SOME GOLD! You’re going to be exploring all the way down into the Earth’s core as meet with dangerous lava pockets and piles of hardened rock that you’ll have to dodge and duck. And with the gold you collect, you’ll buy more supplies to help you across your journey like wagons, special tools, and some other people to help you dig for gold! Available for iOS