Weekend Round Up Sept. 9thWeekend Round Up Sept. 9th

Weekend Round Up Sept. 9th

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Now that summer is officially over and developers are back to work on their apps–both from an update and new games side, we are please to report that our “Rumor Has It…” insider page is correct. LOTUM GMBH had an update to one of the most successful games of all time for Android and iOS. See what else happened over the weekend here in our Weekend Round Up for September 9th!

4pics1word4 rumorAs we mentioned before, LOTUM GmbH’s hit 4 Pics 1 Word had an update today with new levels added to their already sky-high amount. When 4 Pics 1 Word last left off, their were on level 1650. And now with an added 600 new levels they have now broken the 2,000 level mark! If you find yourself stuck on any of the levels for 4 Pics 1 Word, be sure to checkout this 4 Pics 1 Word answers guide.

downloadDuring the weekend we usually see a surge in games that enter the iOS. A mass amount of games are released either on Friday or on the weekend, and then reach the top of the charts in a matter of hours. In this case, the game of the week picked by App Sammy staff members is, Boulder of Death. And wouldn’t you know it, Boulder of Death has managed to reach the number 1 spot on the iOS Store! And here’s your chance to see how high you can rack up your score for Giant Boulder of Death! Try and beat our App Sammy staff’s score, and we’ll include your name on our article post on Friday!

dots newOver the weekend DOTS updated with a gravity mode. Through a partnership with General Electric, Dots launched a 1-week special mode of play called “gravity.” In gravity mode, there’s no timer, no powerups, just the dots and the options to “shuffle” the board. When you press the g at the bottom of your screen, your dots fall prey to gravity, all dropping to the bottom of your screen. Press the g again and the dots regain their square 6×6 shape, with the order of dots reshuffled. Check here for all your DOTS info.