Weekend Round Up Sept. 3rdWeekend Round Up Sept. 3rd

Weekend Round Up Sept. 3rd

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This past Labor Day Weekend was a long one. But that doesn’t mean that developers were out taking in the sun and spirits that summer was dishing out for one last weekend hooray! Developers knew you had to get back to work on Tuesday, and that it’d be on your mind Monday night into Tuesday morning–and the rest of the week. That’s why they worked tirelessly and released new updates, as well as some new games to help take your mind off your end-of-summer-blues!

picsizzle icon 2PicSizzle by Scrapple Labs has updated with over 70+ new 2 pics 1 sayings to guess! Looks like our “Rumor Has It…” article was right! PicSizzle is a 2 pics 1 saying game that swept everyone off their feet across the world with their crafty sayings and pictures! Now PicSizzle has updated with 70+ new levels to get your through this week, and the long winter that’s looming! PicSizzle is available for iOS and Android. And if you’re stuck on a saying, you can find some relief and PicSizzle answers here!

icon pop songIcon Pop Song by Alegrium updated with 40+ levels this past weekend and was released today. Icon Pop Song is easily one of the most innovative games we’ve ever played here at App Sammy. Taking popular/well-known song, playing them for 8 seconds acoustically, and then having users guess the name of the artist or song is one of the biggest hits of the 2013 Summer. And Pop Song Test is sure to continue its surge well into the future seasons to come. Icon Pop Song is available for iOS. And if you find yourself stuck on any of the new 40+ Icon Pop Song levels or any other Icon Pop Song levels checkout these Icon Pop Song answers.

icon pop quiz icon app sammyIcon Pop Quiz by Alegrium was also updated, too. Continuing on with their Weekend Specials. Icon Pop Quiz released two new ones in their Weekend Specials category – Food and Songs 2. So far Icon Pop Quiz has released the following for their Weekend Specials – Board Games, Songs, Summer Movies, Game Titles, Thrones, Game Characters, Reality Shows, Star Wars, and now with Songs 2 and Food they’ll have 10 categories in total. With more supposedly on the way! Icon Pop Quiz is available for iOS and Android. And if you;re having trouble with any Weekend Specials category or any other levels, checkout these Icon Pop Quiz and Icon Pop Quiz – Weekend Specials answers.

colormbColormania by Genera Mobile didn’t update this week, but they did manage to reach their way to the top charts of the iOS Store this weekend! Colormania is a game where users are going to have to fill in the colors of the picture that’s been gray-ed out. An interesting take on icon-trivia/puzzle app games being put on the market today. Colormania is worth spending time with on weekends to take your mind off the summer beach weekends you once had not so long ago! Colormania is available for iOS and Android. If you find yourself stuck on any Colormania levels, use these Colormania answers!