Weekend Round-Up Sept. 24thWeekend Round-Up Sept. 24th

Weekend Round-Up Sept. 24th

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It’s getting colder and darker out. And while in all cases that means Fall is here and Winter is coming; it also means the developers are getting back to work with their famous and lucrative apps. And this past weekend was certainly an indication that developers are back in their labs, avoiding the cold, and producing new apps/new levels! Checkout what big names came out with new apps and levels in this weekend’s Round-Up…

emoji-popEmoji Pop by Gamoji Limited updated this past weekend with 4 new levels that total more than 200 new levels. When we last left off with Emoji Pop, they stopped at level 19, which totaled more than 600 total emoji puzzles to guess. Now Emoji Pop has added level’s 20-24. And let us be the first to tell you the Emoji Pop has gotten pretty creative with their new emoji puzzles. And if you find yourself stuck on any levels of Emoji Pop, you can checkout these Emoji Pop answers and cheats with all the Emoji Pop levels.

whats the wordWhats the Word finally updated for Android this weekend. Prior to that it updated on iOS. Suffice to say it was a little disappointing when we found out that RedSpell had only updated Whats the Word with 12 new levels. But if you find yourself stuck on any of those 12 new levels, or any other level in Whats the Word…checkout these Whats the Word answers and cheats.

escapeEscape the Titanic updated over the weekend with what FreshGames, LLC is calling “A much smaller download” and “Updates for iOS 7.” So, as you can probably already tell, the update pertains to condensing the file for people who updated to iOS 7. Based on this, there’s probably a good chance that Escape the Titanic will get a spin-off from FreshGames, LLC…but we’ll leave it to the “Rumor Has It…” team to let us know if that’s true or not…But until that time comes (tomorrow), checkout these Escape the Titanic cheats and walkthroughs

ifruitiFruit is the app by RockStar Games for the new GTA 5. It was released on the same day as the game, but there was a little bit of a setback; it seemed that there were a ton of glitches and problems, which caused the app to only have 2 stars out of 5. But now iFruit has a new update that was released today. Let’s hope that these updates fixed all the problems they were having before! We love GTA 5!