App of the Week: Tetris BlitzApp of the Week: Tetris Blitz

App of the Week: Tetris Blitz

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Tetris Blitz was a blast to place in the office. The 2-minute rounds added an extra element of excitement to the game and we were all playing until the very last minute trying to best each other’s scores!

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Every week the App Sammy team competes against each other in different mobile games. Fridays at noon, we tabulate the highest scores and the winner gets bragging rights and a giant championship belt. But the question is: are you as good at gaming as we are? We’ll announce the App of the Week every Friday, and we want you to play against us! The user with a high score that beats our highest will earn our praise as App Sammy Gamer of the Week!

This week’s score breakdown:

Name Total Score App Sammy rank
Jeff 837,040 1st
Johnsie 495,440 2nd
Sam 436,240 3rd
Ian 363,790 4th
Paul 310,500 5th
Sophie 249,480 6th


How did you do this week? Post your high score in the comments!


Tetris Blitz

Tetris Blitz offers four default boosters and then, every week, a new and unique booster is released. In game, boosters look like Tetrinos with different colored blocks. You activate any of the boosters by clearing a line that the booster is on. Boosters can appear multiple times a game.

Here is how we rank boosters in terms of effectiveness:

  1. Time Shift (3,500 coins): Extends your time by 5 seconds.
  2. Lasers (4,500 coins): Clears lines of Tetrinos 
  3. Magnet (3,500 coins): Draws your Tetrino blocks all to the left
  4. Quake (3,500 coins): Breaks Tetrino’s apart


Tips and Tricks

7 days of playing this game taught us a few key things.

  • Play as fast as you can. Since you can’t end the game by accidentally filling up your whole screen, accuracy in Tetris Blitz is less of a concern.
  • Stay in Frenzy mode as long as possible. Your points will double and it will help you get to higher points multipliers.
  • Once you have enough coins, start playing the maximum of three power ups or boosters per game. Time-shift and lasers are the most useful out of the default power ups. Since there are new “special” power ups every week, maximize use of those too. In the office, we tried Avalanche this week and loved it. There was also “instant replay” which will give you an extra 5 seconds at the end of the game–we weren’t fans.
  • Use two hands. Hold your smart phone device in two hands so you can use your left hand to cycle Tetrinos and your right to drop them down.
  • Connect on Facebook. If you really want to do well, bite the bullet and connect on Facebook. It’ll earn you 70,000 coins.