Rumor Has It: August 27thRumor Has It: August 27th

Rumor Has It: August 27th

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App Sammy’s edition of “Rumor Has It…” is bringing you all the latest news, info, and knowledge from around the app world through our top secret insider.

Rumor 1 – With numerous updates for bug fixes and performance improvements from such popular app games like What’s the Pic? 4 Pics 1 Word, and What’s the Saying? it would be no surprise to expect and update soon with new levels, icons and pictures for these three games, as well as many other popular games that haven’t updated in a while like Icomania and Hi Guess the Brand.

Rumor 2 – PicSizzle came blazing in to the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Games that not only have a high rank of success, but also rank in high with downloads, categories and users, are sure to be updating with new pictures, levels, and sayings! App Sammy expects that there will be a PicSizzle update within the next week or two! PicSizzle is available for iOS and Android devices.

Rumor 3 – The popular puzzle game, The Room by Fireproof Games, has just announced that they will finally be releasing their highly anticipated chapter, Epilogue, this Thursday. Fireproof Games has kept the Epilogue update to the Room a pretty closed-kept secret. But users can expect a completely new chapter for the game that we can only assume will be filled with more perplexing rooms to escape from! The Room is available for iOS and Android devices. the room itunes