App of the Week: Plants vs. Zombies 2App of the Week: Plants vs. Zombies 2

App of the Week: Plants vs. Zombies 2

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Every week the App Sammy team competes against each other in different mobile games. Fridays at noon, we tabulate the highest scores and the winner gets bragging rights and a giant championship belt. But the question is: are you as good at gaming as we are? We’ll announce the App of the Week every Friday, and we want you to play against us! The user with a high score that beats our highest will earn our praise as App Sammy Gamer of the Week!

This week’s score breakdown:

Name # of Stars App Sammy rank
Sam 13 1st
Sara 9 2nd
Paul 5 3rd
Heff 2 4th
Johnsie 1 5th
Ian 1 6th


Tips and Tricks

  • Always have at least two rows of sunflowers (and place them in the back).
  • Put your shooters as far back as possible. Or any attack plant!
  • Put wall-nuts in your first line of defense.
  • Use plant food on potato mines and cabbage-pult (since cabbage-pults and any other pults can hit zombies)
  • You can collect suns, coins and and Plant Food just by swiping (rather than tapping each individually)