Developer Interview: Geronimo – Creators of ‘MovieCup’

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To be different is to be bold. And in a world filled with apps that mimic and copy each other—especially trivia—different is hard to achieve. But small independent development group, Geronimo, has mastered the art of creative distinction in social and mobile app games.

Based in Paris, Geronimo has created the first movie-trivia-app-game for social and mobile to incorporate actual clips from movies. There app, MovieCup (Free), is available for all three major platforms – Facebook, Android and iOS, where its accumulated a strong and respectable number of monthly users that exceeds well into the thousands of users per month!

MovieCup is an interactive app that is available in 11 different languages. Users who play MovieCup go head-to-head with their friends on Facebook, through generated username, email, or with random people to test their movie knowledge. After they’ve selecting a movie genre, a clip will play and four movie titles will be given as options to select for an answer. Whoever answers the name of the movie correctly and in the shortest amount of time in each round is crowned the winner. Five movie clips are shown in each round; there are three rounds.

Geronimo took a few moments to sit down with App Sammy to discuss MovieCup, the time and dedication that went into it, and what Geronimo has in-store for MovieCup and future apps they are working on.

How is MovieCup different than some of the other movie trivia games out there on the market for social and mobile gaming?

When we began developing MovieCup, we were the only ones to do the game based on movie clips. [On Mobile and Social] You’ll probably find some quote trivia, some teaser trivia games, and some image or icon trivia games. But none of them were proposing a movie clip trivia game…with different genres and different categories in movies. We thought that [having the movie clips] would make the difference. Based on the other movie trivia games we were the first ones to distribute it on different platforms like Facebook, iOS and Android.

Was it harder to develop a game for Facebook than for mobile? Can you talk about the process that went into making a mobile and social game?

We decided to develop the game for Facebook based on a program we used that allowed us to develop it for three different platforms. There are some extensions. So you have the main code, and then you have the extension for iOS, Android, and then for Facebook. But the main code is on the same technology. It is not easier or harder [to do social and mobile]. We just decided at the very beginning to setup on those three platforms. That was really important for us as a social game to be able to play on those different platforms.

Do you see any significant difference in users and downloads between Facebook, iOS, and Android? Does one have more than the other?

We have more users on iOS than we do on Facebook.

On mobile you have MovieCup (Free) and MovieCup Gold ($1.99). Do you have any plans to update those games with new levels, or added features.

“Yes, we’re planning to launch other playlists. At the moment we have 40 playlists developed for the game. It [the update] will be out in a few weeks.”

Apart from the MovieCup and MovieCup Gold updates coming out in a few weeks, is Geronimo working on any new apps for the future that you can discuss?

“We can’t really communicate about it, but we are working on two new games for the end of the year. They will be trivia games.”

The crafty minds at Geronimo know what users are looking for in trivia games. And with the success of MovieCup, we here at App Sammy look forward to all future updates for MovieCup, as well as future app games developed by Geronimo!