App of the Week: DotsApp of the Week: Dots

App of the Week: Dots

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Every week the App Sammy team competes against each other in different mobile games. Fridays at noon, we tabulate the highest scores and the winner gets bragging rights and a giant championship belt. But the question is: are you as good at gaming as we are? We’ll announce the App of the Week every Friday, and we want you to play against us! The user with a high score that beats our highest will earn our praise as App Sammy Gamer of the Week!

Check back later this week for our high scores and for tips and tricks on how to get the highest score on Dots

Name Total Score App Sammy rank
Heff  537  1st
 Sophie  477  2nd
 Sam  401  3rd
 Ian  343  4th
 Johnsie  312  5th
 Paul  292  6th

How did you do this week? Post your high score in the comments!


Squares Set-Ups:

The key with dots is to learn to recognize square set-ups.

There are three “near square” set-ups you should memorize. Each one is just a move away from being a square.

dots ladder
1. The Step ladder 
Take out the two blue dots below preventing you from making the square.
dots hamburger
2. The Hamburger 
Swipe out the purple row.
dots puppy
3. The puppy 
Use the shrinker to remove the infringing  green dot.

Tips and Tricks

  • Restart the game until you get a “good” board: either one with a ready-made square or one where the colors are more clustered
  • Go into the “Scores & Trophies” section to fulfill objectives. You can easily earn thousands of extra dots (One of us saved up for about a dozen games for an expander only to learn that the first time you purchase them, you get a 5,000 dot bonus–the total cost of expanders!)
  • Stock up on shrinkers. Save up for one set of expanders.
  • Only use an expander if your game is going very well–try not to save it for the last second though!
  • Play with your phone on a table. Free up your hands!
  • Keep calm and remember to not lose sight of the entire board.