App of the Week: Bejeweled Blitz!App of the Week: Bejeweled Blitz!

App of the Week: Bejeweled Blitz!

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Every week the App Sammy team competes against each other in different mobile games. Fridays at noon, we tabulate the highest scores and the winner gets bragging rights and a giant championship belt. But the question is: are you as good at gaming as we are? We’ll announce the App of the Week every Friday, and we want you to play against us! The user with a high score that beats our highest will earn our praise as App Sammy Gamer of the Week!

This week’s score breakdown:

Name Total Score App Sammy rank
Heff  537,000 1st
 Sara  480,150 2nd
 Sophie 287,000 3rd
 Johnsie  237,500 4th


Tips and Tricks

  • Speed is important! You earn a speed bonus for each consecutive move you make with less than 2 seconds between moves. The more moves consecutive moves, the higher the speed bonus.
  • While making a play, scan the board for your next move. You should always have the next move in mind.
  • Connect to facebook to earn 100,000 free coins.
  • Aim for multiplier gems. You can spot them because they’ll have a little black 2x over them, once you get your first multiplier, the second one will say 3x, the third one 4x, etc. This is the fastest way to get a higher score AND to avoid spending too many coins.
  • Buy power-ups but not all of them! Avoid the “special deals” as most are 1 time use and very expensive! The best ones are the time-booster which gives you 5 extra seconds at the end of the game, and the one that provides you with a multiplier gem as soon as the game starts.